Province of the “Death and Resurrection of the Lord”

Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Syria

The name of the Province refers to the central mystery of our redemption and the fact that, in its territory, there are the holy places where the Word became flesh, lived, died, rose again and ascended into Heaven. The Province is under the protection of Our Lady of the Mount of Anjara, a sanctuary administrated by the Institute in Jordan. Fr. Buela had read a dramatic call for help by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabah, regarding Christians in the Middle East. Some priests of the Institute met with Patriarch Sabbah during a period of biblical studies in Jerusalem, and discussed the possibility of helping in the Holy Land.

When Fr. Marcelo Gallardo came to this land on 25 August 1993, we started our mission in the seminary of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The presence of the Institute in the seminary has favoured the inculturation in the Patriarchate and the Arab world in general and now, thanks to God, we have our own school of Arabic in Alexandria (Egypt). In 1995 the fathers Tristan Perez and Carlos Pereira began a mission in Egypt, helping in the Franciscan seminary and studying Arabic. On the 1st October 1995 the SSVM came to the province, they studied the language and started helping in works of mercy such as the house "Child Jesus" in Bethlehem. Currently, the province of the Death and Resurrection of the Lord includes our missions in the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine), Jordan, Syria and Cyprus. The Religious Family does several apostolates in this province: Along with the cooperation in the Seminary of the Latin Patriarchate (lessons, liturgy, spiritual direction, spiritual exercises) we are in charge of three parishes: in Gaza (Palestine), Jordan and Cyprus. Our missionaries in Beit Jala (Palestine) also help with confessions and celebration of the Holy Mass in Jordan. In Aleppo (Syria) our missionaries are responsible for the apostolate in the Latin cathedral, they have a residence for university students and help many families in difficulty. In Bethlehem, the house "Child Jesus" welcomes children with disabilities and currently it hosts about 25 children and some women. In Cyprus, there is a hospice for people with terminal illnesses. The works of mercy attract many volunteers, there are many cases of conversions and even some have decided to consecrate to God. The works of mercy are a great witness of christian Charity in places where the culture is mostly Islamic or Jewish, and thus is often difficult to preach the Gospel. According to our possibilities, we welcome and accompany many pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. In the parish and sanctuary of Anjara, the care of pilgrims plays an important role in the apostolate, and in Jordan our missionaries also take care of prisoners in jails. On 6 May 2010 the statue of the Virgin of the Mount in Anjara, Patroness of our province, wept tears of blood, as an announcement of what was to come with the misnamed "Arab Spring".