Province “Our Lady of Exile”

Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Tanzania

The Province of Our Lady of exile is made up of our communities in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia and, recently, Tanzania .

The provincial house is in Alexandria (Egypt), next to the community attending our Arabic school in the district of Loran; from that community the missionaries take a spiritual care of the SSVM in their novitiate and house for aspirants. Thirty kilometers away there is the complex called City of Charity, where our fathers and consecrated brothers attend the Junior Seminary, novitiate and a house for disabled children. Egyptian Coptic Catholics also have 2 parishes, one in Nasreia (El Fayum, central Egypt) and the other in Marsa Matruh. In Tunisia our fathers are in charge of the cathedral where they make their apostolate with foreign faithful: French, Italian and numerous that come from Sub-Saharan Africa, especially students. For them, the Institute has opened a residence, which gave some vocations to our Religious Family. In this country there is also a monastic community under the patronage of Blessed Charles de Foucauld. Here groups for spiritual retreats and pilgrimages are received, and Spiritual Exercises are organized for both men and women. In Iraq our priests support the Latin bishop in the cathedral of Baghdad. In Tanzania we have a community, the largest in the Diocese of Kahama, in the western part of the country. We serve many small villages, where Christians are fervent among many pagans.