Delegation “Our Lady of Luján”

Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

The IVE has two foundations in Central Asia, in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and the Patron of our missionary activity is Our Lady of Lujàn. The first foundation is the religious community “Vladislav Bukovinsky” of Shimkent, in the southern part of Kazakhstan, Diocese of “The Most Holy Trinity”. Since most of the people living in that country are Muslim, it is not much what we can do due to the continuous control operated by the government. A major apostolic work is the care of an oratory in the parish. The number of children coming to the oratory grows up constantly thanks to the cheerful environment, and pushes many other children to come. In the foundation of Tajikistan the situation is similar to the previous one. The country is officially Muslim and the government does not permit too much work, the missionary presence of the IVE started in September 29th 1997, when Pope St. John Paul committed a mission “Sui Iuris” (a mission in a place where the Church does not exist) to our Institute. Our missionaries take care of two parishes: the parish “St. Joseph” in the capital, Dushanbee, and the parish “St. Roque” in the city of Kurgan Tube. The apostolate in the parishes is mostly work with the youth and visit to the sick. There is also the noviciate “Blessed Alexey Zariski” in Dushanbee.