Province “Our Lady of Fátima”


The first missionaries of our Institute came to Russia in 1993 and in the following years they founded different religious communities, mostly parishes, in different parts of Russia. Currently, there are four missions in this country. The mission in the city of Kazàn, capital of the Republic of Tatarsan, in which we have a parish and the missionaries celebrate the Holy Mass in small communities all around the city. There are two parishes in the cities of Uljanovsk and Syzran, and the missionaries attend three communities of catholic Armenians. We attend a parish in the city of Jabarovsk (Eastern Russia) and a catholic community located 500km out of the city. Finally, in the mission of Omsk, Siberia, the Institute started its apostolate in 2011 in two parishes of Latin and Byzantine Rite. The priests assist other communities located 150km in the countryside out of the city. The mission in Russia is difficult especially for the great distances and the geographical dispersion of the catholic communities. In the years of the Communist government, some hidden catholic communities survived the persecution and, after the fall of the regime, they remained scattered through the whole country, without receiving the Sacraments for years. Our missionaries have to travel for a long time and for long distances before coming to visit all these communities and administrate the Sacraments. However, they already did much work and many of these Christians had the possibility to confess and receive the Eucharist. Other apostolates are the summer camps for the youth and children, as well as Youth Days.