Provincia “Nuestra Señora de Sheshán”

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia and Salomon Islands

The IVE Province of “Our Lady of Sheshan” includes the communities established in three countries: Philippines, Taiwan, and China (Hong Kong). The IVE priests work in five parishes as well as in the the formation of future priests. The Seminary and the Noviciate were founded on August 2009 in Lipa (Philippines), destined to welcome Asian vocations. They began with a small rented house in a suburb but succeeding years saw an increasing number of vocations. For this reason, in the year 2011, the Institute acquired a piece of land and started the construction work on August 2013. Thanks to the generosity of many benefactors, in few years it has been possible to complete both priests’ and seminarians’ quarters. Presently, there are 30 seminarians coming from the Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka, as well as those from Russia, Argentina, Mexico and Nigeria. The Parishes are the church Birhen Ng Lujan, (Manila, Philippines) Saint Joseph church and the church of the Incarnate Word (Taichung, Taiwan), Christ the King church (Taiwan) and Saints Peter and Paul church (Hong Kong, China). The main work consists in the care of the parishes and the administration of Sacraments. Especially in Taiwan there is a lot to do to evangelize the culture, which is still pagan. To do so, the missionaries organize “street missions” giving pamphlets about christian faith to the people, and they also do the classical popular mission and visits to the sick. In Hong Kong many people of every age ask to be baptized. Our activities also consist in the preaching of the Spiritual Exercises and the formation of the members of the Secular Third Order.