Province “Our Lady of Loreto”

Italy, Albania and Greece

After the Institute of the Incarnate Word was born, some priests moved to Rome to get a license in theology. The mission in this Province, however, officially started in 1992, when the first religious community was established in Italy, in Ponzano Romano (Rome). The mission extended first to Albania, then Greece and, in 2015, to Scotland. Currently the Religious Family has 15 communities in Italy: in Palermo, Canneto, Sezze, Segni (Novitiate of both IVE and SSVM), Montalto di Castro, Ponzano Romano, Montefiascone (IVE Seminary and Junior Seminary), Tuscania (SSVM house of formation), Ravenna, Prato, Genova and Asti. The General House of the Institute of the Incarnate Word is based in Rome. In Albania, we have a parish in the city of Kallmet and another in the mountain village of Kalivac (northern part of the country); In Greece, there is a parish in Athens; in Scotland, a parish in Cowdenbeath (Edinburgh). The activities mostly consist in taking care of parishes, 20 in total. Some communities assist in different places and run 2 or more parishes. There is a Seminary for the formation of future priests and a Junior Seminary, some houses of mercy, an educational institution (project “home-schooling” for the junior seminarians) involving both religious and people of the Third Order, a press house (EDIVI) and a Monastery in central Italy (our monks are available for Confessions and celebrate Mass in the sanctuary). The province organizes different apostolic works, such as the Family Day (a meeting of families with conferences and expositions); the Youth Day and the Formation Days (apostolate with the youth, both teenagers and young adults); Spiritual Exercises, Popular Missions and the possibility to do voluntary activity in our missions. The presence of the Religious Family in this Province has been fruitful in these years. The missionaries have preached many Spiritual Exercises and Popular Missions especially in Italy, and in 2013, the group The Voices of the Word was founded. It is a catholic youth group born after the Formation Days. The aim is to give public testimony of catholic faith through activities along with the Religious Family, such as conferences in schools. The members meet every month, and the group is extending to other countries out of Italy (Spain and Albania). Possibly, it will be a major apostolate in the next years.