Province “Our Lady of Aparecida”


The Province of Our Lady Aparecida was founded in Brazil in 1994. In that year, due to a request of Monsignor Claudio Hummes, the Institute began its missionary work in the diocese of Santo André. Then, Monsignor Fernando Figueiredo asked priests for the diocese of Santo Amaro in San Pablo. In this diocese the IVE grew up, founding missions and houses of formation. In 1995 the SSVM came to the province.

Currently the Religious Family has several formation houses, parishes, homes and other charity houses scattered in various states of Brazil. The Major Seminary San José de Anchieta, where future priests of the IVE are formed in Brazil, was founded in 2002 and is located in the southern part of the city of São Paulo. Next to the Seminary there are several parishes entrusted to the Institute. In São Paulo there are also the Novitiate Santo Antônio de Sant'Anna Galvão and the houses of formation for the SSVM. In Suzano (near São Paulo), the Minor Seminary San Tarcisio welcomes welcomes young people who aspire to the priesthood. In the same place the sisters took over the direction of a diocesan Catholic school where, among other teenagers, our minor seminarians and aspirants also study. We have a parish in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (Diocese of Dorados) and two parishes in the state of Espirito Santo (Diocese of Victoria), where mission houses of the sisters are located. Among the apostolic works organized by the Religious Family in Brazil, the most relevant are the Family Days, Youth Day, youth camps and apostolate with the groups of altar boys, preaching of the Spiritual Exercises and popular missions. Other apostolates consist in the organization of cultural events (plays and concerts of sacred music) and vocational apostolate through vocational meetings and internet. The Patrons of the province are Our Lady of Aparecida and Saint José de Anchieta, considered the Apostle of Brazil. This Saint is an example of missionary and "evangelizator" of culture for the IVE.