Province “Our Lady of Luján”

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia

The Province "Our Lady of Lujan" includes the countries of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. The houses of the Province include the Provincial House, Parishes, Formation Houses, Homes of Charity.

Historically this province is tied to our origins since on March 25, 1984, in the city of San Rafael the Institute of the Incarnate Word was founded. There the Institute settled the formation house "Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Word" (also known as "La Finca" meaning "The Farm") for the formation of the first priests of the congregation. Later they would also start the Novitiate "Marcelo J. Morsella" (currently present in the city of Santiago in Chile) and the Minor Seminary "St. John the Apostle" (for those who have felt the call of God during childhood or adolescence). The attention of parishes has a great importance in the apostolate of our Institute. In the parish we work to "transform with the power of the Gospel, the criteria of judgment, determining values, points of interest, lines of thought, sources of inspiration, models of life of mankind, so that we may full with the strength of the Gospel the modes of thinking, standards of judgment, rules of action." In the province we attend 11 parishes, there is also a monastery of contemplative life, the “Monastery of the Incarned Word” Here also the project "City of charity" has developed. It was conceived by our founder, Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela as a place where we can welcome all the people in need without putting limits on Christ's charity. That's why we hold 3 homes for the disabled, orphans and homelesses (St. Martin de Tours, St. John Bosco and the Sacred Heart). The Editions of the Incarnate Word have their headquarters in this province, a mean of apostolate promoting good publications in various fields. Curently it reached more than 70 publications, among them, the Magazine “Dialogo” and the bulletin “Ave Maria”. Other notable apostolates are the activities with young people. Every year we organize the Youth Days, summer camps (in the southern part of Argentina) and for University Days for young people who wish to be formed in their Catholic faith and be able to face the modern culture. Our religious have opened 2 schools in San Rafael ("Alfredo Bufano" for males and "Isabel the Catholic" for females) in which they teach hundreds of children. Fr. Buela comments that from the beginning he wanted to “found a catholic school where the youth could know Christ and try to imitate Him. So that their behaviour in front of the others may be the same as Christ had.” The presence of the IVE for more than 30 years in this region depply contributed to the catholic formation of many families which are still nowadays incorporated to the Institute, sharing and spreading out our charism.