Work with the mass media

Our goal is the evangelization of culture, and since modern culture is deeply marked by the media like television and the Internet, it is necessary to be at the forefronts in this field.

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The Constitutions say that the members of our Religious Family should be able to use the media with a certain capacity, and use them for the major glory of God. In fact, if well used, they can be an efficient channel for the transmission of the Gospel to the entire world. Our work with the media varies and we have a group of religious dedicated to it:

  • Press: the first and more primitive use of media is the book, and some of our seminaries have established a publishing house. We publish our works, such as the extended Virtus Collection by Fr. Miguel Angel Fuentes, IVE (click here for more info) and the books written by our founder, Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela. We also re-edit some important works of other authors such as Fr. Cornelio Fabro, whose doctrine is part of our formation, or books like De la Cabala al Progresismo and The catholic conception of politics by Fr. Julio Meinvielle. Among our publishing houses: EDIVI in Italy, Editiones del verbo Encarnado in Argentina and IVE Press in the United States.
  • Magazines: the first magazine written by the IVE seminarians was born in our motherhouse in Argentina, and the practice then extended to other seminaries, such as with "Christ the King" in Italy. The magazines give info about missions, activities and events in a province, and they are destined to the members of the Third Order, or whoever wants to know more about us.
  • Videos: we make promo-videos for events organized by the Religious Family like Spiritual Exercises, formation days or youth days, and videos showing our way of life with testimonials. We also cooperate with our youth groups in making videos defending and explaining the key points of Catholic Faith. Most of these videos are available on You Tube, here are some examples:
    - In Italian:
    - In English:
  • Web: the web is the new frontier of communication, and the IVE is present. We have different websites in different languages, with every info about us and what we do, our missions and apostolates. Our priests developed personal blogs such as "the theologian answers" by Fr. Miguel Angel Fuentes or Spiritual Exercises on the web and some of them regularly write chronicles of their missions.
  • Audio: Almost every formation house has a folk music group composed of the seminarians. They make CDs with popular music of their countries, or composed by themselves. Among them: La Cioppara and Los Vitalianos in Italy, Vientos del Misti in Peru and Las voces del Chañaral in Argentina. We also have a collection of recordings (conferences, preaches, speeches etc.).