Works of Charity

Works of charity are a major apostolate carried out by the IVE.

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This kind of activity is something essential in the life of the Church and part of Her essence, since the love of Christ impels us (2 Cor 5, 14) and Christ himself said that whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Mt 25, 40). The Institute should not provide material help only, but also spiritual assistance to the poor, sick and abandoned, working for man’s complete well-being, which is the salvation of the soul. As St. Louis Orione, great founder of charity works, we want to only trust in the Divine Providence. We are sure that God will provide everything to continue our missions, throughout our human benefactors and volunteers who always help our religious in this kind of activities, and that the graces that God gives us come from our dedication to the works of charity, not just material but also spiritual (like teaching the ignorants, adminoshing the sinners etc.) Works of charity are generally fulfilled by the Servants of the Lord and of the Virgin of Matarà, however in some of them the IVE also cooperates, especially as regards the spiritual assistance. Some examples of our works are:
• orphanages and “family houses“: we have houses in different countries where our religious take care of children who suffer family problems, such as violence, divorce, alcoholism. The children live with the religious who give them both an intellectual and spiritual formation.
• Houses for handicapped people: the religious provide material and spiritual assistance to the sick and they are often helped by professional staff.
• Apostolate in prisons: one of the works of charity commended by Jesus Christ is the visit to the prisoners (Mt 25, 36) and if possible, the religious of the IVE spend some time in prisons, to remember the mercy of the Father and encourage the conversion of sinners as the prodigal son (Lk 15, 11-32).