Is Jesus calling me?

A vocation is an interior call. Except for some extraordinary cases of saints who received a special sign from God (such as Saint Paul, who experienced a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus), Jesus normally calls one to the consecrated life (priestly and / or religious) with an “inner movement”. The person “knows”, “experiences” that he is called, perhaps after a special event in his life. If someone feels attracted by the words of Our Lord in the Gospel or by the example of other priests and missionaries and wishes to part with earthly goods to follow Christ as He has indicated, that person may think that they are called to the priesthood. Every vocation is an unrepeatable act of God’s love; it is strictly personal and needs personal direction.

If you believe that God is calling you, it is necessary that you talk about it, not with anyone at all, but rather with a good and experienced priest; he will help you in your discernment, to know if Christ really is giving you this particular vocation.

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"Every vocation is an unrepeatable act of God's love..."
St. John Paul II